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How Africa is beating AIDS

How the continent turned a new corner on a deadly disease -- and how AIDS affects more than the sick.

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Remembering the Holocaust

When the US Holocaust Memorial Museum goes "on tour," what survivors bring to give away.

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Telling public health stories

Policy wonks and storytellers still aren't exactly on the same page.

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What if the Pistorius problem is not South Africa's culture, but domestic violence?

The media talks about race, class, sports and history -- everything except domestic violence -- to 'explain' Oscar Pistorius' fatal shooting of his girlfriend.

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Don't blame the victim, or the photographer

The only adult not held responsible by critics for an attack a Time photographer witnessed is the man committing the abuse.

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Documenting domestic violence

Journalists, media ethicists & domestic violence advocates discuss a photographer's choices

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A slideshow from my Sunday afternoon in one South African township, reporting as an IRP New Media Fellow, for the Christian Science Monitor.

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The real issue with Africa and the ICC

After all the reporting trips you've read about here, all the stories I've done about war and justice and voice and violence, I'm massively persuaded that Rebecca Hamilton is right in her analysis, at Foreign Policy, of the arguments against the ICC blistering around Africa right now: The court's all-African line-up is not an ICC problem; it... Read More

What these Ugandan women want (hint: not SWEDOW)

An amazing lipdub from rural Uganda (and a case study in empowered marketing, by a Dutch NGO).

How much does Africa spend on health?

That's what the ONE campaign wants to know.  They've kicked off a petition to ask African leaders to publish their health budgets -- promises and actual spending -- for better accountability on outcomes. It's also about accountability for past promises.  In 2011, African countries signed a declaration in Abuja to commit 15 percent of their national budgets... Read More

Sick in Africa? Get thee to a cargo container

The next Chinese incursion into Africa is coming by ship.  Last year, in a pilot program, China trained 10 doctors in how to use a "container hospital," which seems to be exactly what it sounds.  It's a cargo container cum portable hospital, and if there's power and water -- and, of course, supplies -- it can do virtually... Read More

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