Coming Soon, or, this is a teaser

Things have been quiet here, on and off, for a month or two, and they’re going to stay that way as I finish up some US-based work, and ready for my next trip. Here’s some juicy pieces in the works, though:

      * An interview with Billy Kahora, an editor at Kwani? and author of the recently published “The True Story of David Munyakei,” about Kenya’s most famous whistleblower
      * Blog posts, tweets video, audio, photo — and anything else you can think of — from the team of Scarlett Lion and…well, me, who has no fancy cyber-identity. Glenna Gordon and I will spend October traipsing around Liberia, thanks to the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.
      *A look, in the Christian Science Monitor, at land reform in Africa, and
      …other sundry serendipities I can’t imagine at the moment.

    Thanks for sticking around.

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