"I swear, that is SO legal," or, why the man in charge of fixing Liberia's justice sector "owns" all the laws

A piece of investigative reporting that took Glenna Gordon and I the better part of our month together in Monrovia, and lots of her time before that, is finally in the world. The story is about Philip Banks, by my impression a genial and very smart man, who claims to own the copyright to Liberia’s laws. That would be weird and a little shady on its own, what with him being the former Minister of Justice and the current head of law reform.

But because of his cowboy copyright claim, no one in Liberia can actually get their hands on the laws. Not lawyers, not judges, not even the national parliament.

For more, check out the story. Meanwhile, never doubt that there can be a juicy bit of journalism in a big fat gold-embossed edition of a national tax law.

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