I need to be working, but I can’t stop reading this

blog.  This one, here.  Sean’s in Liberia, and due to the malarial incident that has me riveted to the Internet and not to my work, I didn’t get to know him all that well when I was there.  Which is too bad, because he’s so funny.  Or maybe it’s for the best, because he’s so so funny, I would probably have felt bad about myself if I’d spent too much time around him.  I’m really glad he only blogs every few weeks.  Otherwise, I’d have to chuck it all and go into accounting.

After two days of feeling not so well, I went to a local Chinese clinic at the end of my street because a) I had heard good things about it from my boss, and b) it was cheap.  The fact that it was cheap may have been the good thing I had heard about it from my boss.

The staff at the Chinese clinic were cheerful and Chinese.  They did not test me for malaria….

If you follow the jump, there’s a very clever joke about Tibet, a Jesus sighting, and an apt description of the expat furniture, as well as bit of cursing.  Not the four-letter kind.

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