Writers wanted: Social injustice after 9/11

My erstwhile classmate and current literati Alia Malek is editing a book that needs contributions.

Alia wrote A Country Called Amreeka: American Roots, Arab Stories, an alternative look at America through profiles Arab Americans over the last hundred-plus years.  Her next project is part of the Voice of Witness series, founded by Dave Eggers and focused on social injustice.  Her volume will be an anthology of stories about victims of post-9/11 prejudice, racial profiling, stereotyping and other variations on maltreatment (including, if I recall, a few laws, at least for a little while; see Alia’s book).

Alia need writers willing to contribute their stories.  So spread the word, and if you’d like to write for her, get in touch:  alia at voiceofwitness dot com.

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