Sometimes, a girl’s gotta stick up for change

Check out what I think will be a debate over at, between me and the new editor of the Human Rights blog.  (Awkard alert!  I actually write there, and for him.  At until Nov 1.)  I think this because I disagree mightily, heartily, with his contention that “nothing, zilch, zip, nada” has been done anywhere in the world to change the way we respond to genocide since Rwanda.  I also think this because I sent him my objections privately, and we agreed to take our debate to the comments section.

We both had interesting things to say, so I welcome you on over there. Also leave your two cents. Or, like me, two dollars.

Those of you who read me here (bless all three of you) know I’m no advocacy cheerleader.  I annoy even myself with my skepticism sometimes.  But sometimes, even a skeptic has to acknowledge incremental if imperfect progress…


  • Brad says:

    This post is so awesome. I wasn’t comfortable with the piece either but I didn’t really know enough to know why, so it’s great that you laid it out in the comments over there. But moreover, taking on your editor, and drawing fire from your own blog, is pure excitement.

    • Jina Moore says:

      Thanks, Brad, I appreciate your kind words. As for pure excitement — well, I went about it rather tamely, I guess, having sent my objections to him first by email. I thought that was best, considering the professional thing, but it was Ben who said, “I love debate — and I love open debate even more. Let’s do this!” So props to him.

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