Updates from the cave where I’m hiding

Some combination of way too much work, too much travel, and too few hours in the day has made me neglect this little nook of the Internet.  Sorry for that.  But I’m more sorry for barraging your email box with fake blog posts yesterday when I was trying to do some site maintenance and set up a new page.  How unfun.

As a New Year’s present to myself, I finally updated the home page to reflect actually new work, including three cover stories I did for the Christian Science Monitor — on leadership and the American maverick, on the world after oil, and on social media and the Arab Spring.  Those stories stretch way back to last spring… I’ve also featured my Pulitzer Center collaboration on peacebuilding on the homepage, because it won an award in December, and I’m happy to draw attention again to a story I think is important, and which took a big commitment of time and resources by a lot of people.  So go home already.

Last week, the Dart Society published the second issue of Dart Society Reports. The magazine’s founding committee had this second issue well underway when I was hired as editor in November, but it took an even wider range of talent and commitment to bring the magazine into the world.  Our second issue is about American prisons, with a focus on solitary confinement. The issue also includes some wonderful shorter print and multimedia pieces about Shakespeare productions in a Kentucky prison, the death penalty in Iraq, and returning to L.A. after doing time.  Journalists also reflect on witnessing an execution, on corresponding with a death row inmate, and losing sources.

I’ve got some work from Zambia coming online soon, and a few other projects slowly making their way into the world, so stay tuned.

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