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Like a lot of us, I used to blog like crazy. It helped me think, and it helped me get work as a freelance journalist. Then I signed on as the Global Women’s Rights reporter for BuzzFeed News’ World desk, and I didn’t need to hustle for work any more as much as I needed to rethink my world, online and off, and the stories I wanted to help tell.

This site complements the work I’m doing at BuzzFeed, primarily with my Fieldnotes. I want a space to share things that don’t make it into the final edit of my articles, for any one of a thousand good reasons. You’ll always find these at the top of the homepage, in the big box on the left. Next to them, you’ll also find two recent articles.

I love what I get to do over at BuzzFeed. The energy and creativity going into rethinking foreign news, not just as a business but as a way of looking at the world, is addictive. I work with really talented colleagues, and my editors are true collaborators, engaged with the story and supporting me as I find the best way to tell it. It’s an extraordinary experience.

But I also want a place to share what doesn’t show up in that work, and to muse a little more. I hope you’ll muse back. Blogging has changed a lot since I started almost eight years ago (even died off?), but I’m nostalgic for conversation, so don’t be shy.

Also, a lot of my once-regular readers at this site complain they can’t find my work at BuzzFeed. If you want to read my work but don’t want to search for it, don’t worry: Any time I publish something original over there, I’ll add a post here, with a link to the full story. You can just follow along here without missing out. (If you want to make it even simpler, here’s a cheatsheet: It’s www.buzzfeed.com/jinamoore. You’ll find a list of everything I’ve ever written over there, with the most recent work on top.)

There’s a fancy new layout here, with huge kudos to web designer Brian Compton, who is as patient as he is massively skilled. Some of it will never change — the “Favorites” section might get bigger, but it’s always going to be about showing you what I think is my most important stuff — but others might come and go and change. The menu bar is a little unwieldy; I’m still working it out. But hopefully this page is brighter and easier to use than the old one, and ideally you come away from here feeling like you have a better idea of who I am. Even if it means you don’t like me very much. Journalism is a form of transparency, after all.

Say hello again, if you like, in the comments or with an email. Or just lurk and know that I’m happy your here.



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