I’m a reporter and a writer, sometimes a teacher on college campuses, and very occasionally, a musician. If you want to know about all the old-fashioned official Things with Titles, you can read my old-fashioned CV.

I’ve been at this work for about a decade, and I’ve won a bunch of awards. Sometimes I break news, or dig directly into nefariousness, but above all, I’m trying to combine journalism’s two missions: Holding the powerful to account, and telling stories about the people around us. Actually, I try to hold the powerful to account by telling stories about the people around us. I think that if you’re only doing one mission at a time, you’re missing out.

I work incredibly hard to create pieces that bridge the easy, ever-present gap between American (or Western) readers and “others,” and over time, I’ve honed strategies — in my research, my interviewing and my writing — that help me do this. This takes intense time and effort, reportorial and psychological, and it takes generous collaboration by sources and by “fixers.” I’ve been lucky to work with incredible journalists in the field, from Cambodia to Liberia to eastern Congo.

I believe in accountability, of the powerful to the rest of us, and of me, to you. I hope I’m helping reveal a little bit more of the world through the stories I’m privileged to tell, and I am grateful to readers who tell me when I’m dropping the ball.