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Working (different kinds of) magic

Friends have been asking me to share links to my stories more regularly, and since most of my friends are reading this blog, at least occasionally, I feel like this is a good way of putting y’all on notice. Here’s a story about a guy who’s much funnier than he comes across in my story, […]

This American and My African lives not compatible

For whatever reason, I cannot get the This American Life podcast to download here. With patience and diligence I stretched over two days, I got 43 minutes of blissfully bad ABC programming, but I can’t get a 27 MB podcast. It’s not an NPR thing; Foreign Dispatch comes over the wire just fine… Is this […]

How to tell an American

It’s a 15-minute walk to my house from the nearest bus stop — or taxi stand, in local parlance — up a cobblestone street, and then down a dirt road. It’s clear I stand out, even though I walk this road most days and I like to think I am becoming a part of the […]

Rwanda’s street kids or America’s homeless: Who’s poorer?

A friend recently spent a month in California. While there, he took a trip to Venice Beach, and from the sounds of it, everything there surprised him. Like the crazy people who mutter to themselves and to anyone else who will listen. The most fantastical things roll effortlessly from of their mouths. Meanwhile, “I have […]

Who does laundry for the Leader of the Free World?

This was one among many questions Bob Geldof had for George Bush. Geldof — you know, the guy behind retro-human-rights-cool “Live Aid” and modern-day-human-rights-chic “Live 8” — flew on Air Force One as Bush hopped around Africa. He got some face-time with the president, and from it he made an interesting, punchy article for Time. […]

Secret’s in the sauce

I’ve found out what makes the leafy greens Mathil cooks so incredible: coconut milk. Last night, we had something quite close to kale (maybe it is?), sauteed with onions and something close enough to garlic to make my mouth water. Aminah said, “I taste coconut, too” and then suddenly we knew. Forget creamed vegetables; a […]

Where I am

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