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Don’t look here for good news

Al Shabaab bombs Kampala threatens Bujumbura, which now feels like my second home. Journalists and political candidates are turning up dead in Rwanda. New fighting by the same old freaking people in eastern Congo sent 70,000 more people running. Meanwhile, Burundi apparently still can’t get its act together, and it’s dragged the East African Community into […]

ICC: Not as stupid as the cynics may have thought…

So I feel a little bad about my reflexive “Yes, but what about the DYING?!” response to the ICC indictments. For starters, it’s pretty much the most obvious response to have. And mine is neither as well-crafted as Wronging Rights’ nor as comprehensive as Chris Blattman’s (yeah, I already linked to these, but good work […]

What does the high road cost?; or, Thanks, ICC: Bashir orders a dozen+ aid agencies out of Darfur

There has been lots of speculation, hand-wringing and other expressions of sincere concern since the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for the president of Sudan (see especially well-wrung hands here and here). Turns out they were on to something. The LA Times has a wonderful–and, blessedly and unusually, lengthy–piece today exposing the costs […]

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