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Why Enough will always get Congo “wrong” — and why we should maybe thank them for it

I’m going to go straight to it:  Because advocacy is politics. Advocacy is aspirational; it is rhetorical; and it is manipulative. And none of those things is prima facie bad (though there are better and worse ways to do them). It seems to me we should no more expect advocates to offer a nuanced and […]

Don’t look here for good news

Al Shabaab bombs Kampala threatens Bujumbura, which now feels like my second home. Journalists and political candidates are turning up dead in Rwanda. New fighting by the same old freaking people in eastern Congo sent 70,000 more people running. Meanwhile, Burundi apparently still can’t get its act together, and it’s dragged the East African Community into […]

Ending the LRA…or preparing for a CIA-style strike?

So the House yesterday passed a bill aimed at ending the fight by the Lord’s Resistance Army, the Ugandan rebel group that spent a decade terrorizing northern Uganda and has recently spread the practice to DRC and Central African Republic. Let’s skip the part where we wonder what a Congressional bill (HR 2478, for all […]

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